What we offer.

Resources and curriculum to help equip families to do their most important task – discipling children unto Jesus.

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For Families
Parent Education

Courses for parents and grandparents of 3 to 5-year-olds who want practical help with the discipleship of their children and their academic learning. This is an excellent parenting resource for those who are committed to God and Scripture.

For Home Learning
Curriculum for 3-5 year olds

High quality holistic Preschool through Kindergarten Curriculum for families who are searching for comprehensive, done-for-you learning resources that promote bilingualism, a love for learning and build godly character.


Our foundational mission is to equip families to do their most important task – discipling children unto Jesus. Just as we lay a healthy foundation for learning and growth in the early years, we can apply a healthy foundation for faith.

Preschool children are at the perfect age for you to start directly teaching the stories, practices, and truths of God’s Word.

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Learning meets faith.

That’s why our Christian home curriculum integrates academic and emotional learning with faith-passing elements.

In both our Parent Education and Professional Development courses, you’ll learn the importance of your role as a transmitter of faith and walk away knowing exactly how to fulfill that role. You’ll find plenty of parenting resources on this site designed to support you as you teach and live out your faith.

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” -Mark 10:14

Holistic approach.

At CBP, we understand you want all of your child’s needs to be addressed for them to thrive!


Spiritual development can happen anytime, anywhere. Children don’t have to wait to become adults to be discipled and participate in the Kingdom of God!

If you’re interested in resources that will equip you to…

  • Inspire your children to love God and his Word
  • Teach your children the power of prayer
  • Address the lies that children may face with biblical truth.
  • Easily weave spiritual development into daily life

Kids learn best when their academic education is developmentally appropriate. That means young children learn best through play! And our curriculum is crafted to meet your preschooler’s needs.

Our homeschool curriculum has:

  • Hands-on learning
  • Music and Movement
  • Play-based activities
  • Support for diverse strengths, needs, and learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.)
Social and Emotional

Research shows that children with healthy social and emotional skills do better academically. Strong social-emotional learning has a positive, lifelong impact.

Social and emotional learning includes:

  • Identifying, communicating, and expressing emotions
  • Developing compassion and empathy towards others
  • Learning positive behaviors of interaction with others
  • Making responsible and healthy decisions


Developed over 20 years of intensive research, Castle Blossom Press resources are derived from content that was field-tested and approved by various agencies, including the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

The homeschool curriculum includes the latest best practices in child development and learning – so your child gets the highest quality education you can provide.

All of our resources bring modern research into line with sound biblical principles. We make the research easy to understand and apply in all of our courses. Our education and parenting resources are developed with you in mind!