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Biblically-based education for life.

Lay a solid foundation for the rest of your child’s life.

Preschool through Kindergarten home curriculum and online learning for parents and teachers focused on holistic development that promotes the passing of faith to the next generation.

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Building lifelong habits.

The connections, habits, and beliefs your child establishes in their first 5 years last a lifetime.

The biggest influence on the quality of those connections? Family.

As a parent or early childhood educator, you know what you do matters.

You’re passionate about creating a safe, stable home life or class environment. You care about meeting your children’s needs – all while trying to foster a love for Jesus in their hearts.

You have a strong desire to set them up for success for the rest of their lives.

You know what you do matters
, but sometimes you don’t know what to do.

Kid walking with an adult.
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We share those desires at Castle Blossom Press. That’s why we’re passionate about offering parenting resources, quality professional development, and a holistic homeschool curriculum.

We’re all about helping parents and teachers address the whole child – body, mind, and spirit. You can raise thriving children with an appetite for learning and building godly character with your ultimate goal in mind – for them to love and serve Jesus.

Instead of constantly feeling confident, you often feel unprepared. Every child you work with has a unique personality and different needs. And each stage of their life brings new challenges that sometimes catch you unaware.

No parent or teacher has all the answers. The good news is, you don’t have to.

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With CBP resources you can...

  • Improve your parenting, or teaching skills
  • Gain confidence in your child's development and learning.
  • Prepare for developmental stages of your preschooler
  • Get compassionate support for yourself and your child
  • Nurture, disciple and educate your children from a biblical worldview.
  • End your search for the best child development and learning resources

You can build a strong foundation for your child’s future by focusing on the holistic development of your child.

Empowering You.

Castle Blossom Press exists to equip and empower parents and educators of young children worldwide through Christ-centered holistic curriculum and strategic training.

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A portion of profits will be…

contributed towards organizations that support young children and their families worldwide.

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What people are saying.

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Laying the foundation.

Experience a Christian teaching and parenting resource that helps you lay a healthy foundation for your whole child – mind, body, and spirit.